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About DJ T Shirts

Welcome to the DJ T Shirts blog. DJ TShirts is based in the UK and aims to be an exciting one-stop shop for DJ clothing and accessories. The store will be selling printed DJ shirts, DJ hoodies, DJ caps and bags, as well as stickers, buttons and accessories. Our designs are available for men and women in a wide range of products and styles.

As music lovers and DJs ourselves we noticed that there wasn’t a good online DJ clothing store that offered the best DJ T-shirt designs on a varied and customisable range of clothing all in one place. So we started DJ T Shirts to make things easier for DJs, and people searching for the best gifts for a DJ. 

Currently, all our custom dj tshirts are printed “on demand”. Meaning that we don’t need to hold any stock that may go to waste if it is not purchased. Instead, your product is made fresh once your purchase is complete and gets shipped straight to your door in roughly the same amount of time that an order from a regular “bricks-and-mortar” store can deliver to you. We think this is a good step towards reducing waste in the fashion and textile industry, and we will continually explore other environmentally friendly practices as we grow.

DJ T Shirts online store
DJ T-Shirts online store

All our DJ t shirt design is created by our team and guest collaborators. We make cool DJ t-shirts, funny dj t shirts and dj apparel that appeals to our inner dj-nerd. We don’t do band tshirts, branded tshirts  or designs with famous DJs like Martin Garrix, Marshmello or Deadmau5. The best dj tshirts, in our minds, are the ones that express your love for the art itself. Of course, you can buy those artist tshirts directly from the artists (and we hope that you do), but if you’re after something original or hunting for a classic design, then DJ T Shirts Online store should be your first choice.

About the DJ T Shirts blog

In the DJ T-Shirts blog we will keep you updated with new designs and interesting DJ stories. We’ll write DJ equipment reviews and offer DJ gift ideas. There will be insights into our design process and our thoughts on DJing as a global phenomenon. Articles and posts on the best DJs in the world, the best festivals, and the best nightclubs too.

DJ T-Shirts are available in many colours

Of course we’ll be writing these things and hoping that you are encouraged to visit our shop (and maybe even buy something? x), but we also want to convey our passion for, and experience within, the music, dance and DJ culture that has kept our souls nourished for decades.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first blog post. We hope you’ll come back regularly to read more about DJing, music culture and designing tshirts.

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