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Captivate Weekender 2015

I'm very happy to say that I'm going to be performing this summer at Kent's newest festival, the Captivate Weekender.

It's being organised by the same crew that put on last year's awesome 'Distorted Frequencies' event, and this year they've got some pretty amazing headliners on the bill including Freestylers, DJ Slipmatt and Nicky Blackmarket.

Tickets are £70 for the weekend and are available online through either theticketsellers, or directly through myself and the other event hosts on the Facebook page.

Classic Breaks Vinyl mix (Video) - 2014

I'm very much a digital DJ these days, but every now and then it's nice to break open the record box and have a traditional-style mix with nothing more than two turntables and a mixer.

This mix features some of my favourite Nu Skool Breaks tunes from the 2000-2005 era which I think have achieved the status of 'classics'.

Moldover - Say It (Damn Right Remix)

Back in 2013 Moldover gave away audio stems and video footage for his song 'Say It' and invited people to remix the package for a competition. I missed the deadline by a mile, but still thought it was a project worth finishing and sharing with the world. So, finally, here it is!

Green Screen DJ Mix - 2014

Technology is finally making childhood dreams achievable without even needing to leave the house. I woke up one morning and decided to build a green screen set in our living room. I hired a camera and filmed myself djing in front of it. A few days tinkering later I had my very own cheesy CG music video. Just like the ones I used to see on Saturday morning TV in the early 90's. :)

Mixing some of my favourite bass-heavy breakbeat, the video features music from Zed's Dead, Drumattic Twins, North Base, Bassbin Twins, Twins Break, Ribs & IG88, Freefall Collective and Wizard. There's a few loops and scratches thrown in for good measure too.

Space Acid Blues - 2013

The first video in a series entitled '64 Bars'. (Fairly easy to see the theme I'm going for here). I challenged myself to complete this song and video in the six evenings I had free over a two week period.

A fairly straight up breakbeat sound with squelchy filtered arps and classic vocal samples dotted amongst spacey fx.

Control Circus - Shenanigans - 2013

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of our favourite time-travelling gallifreyan, Doctor Who, a9entoran9e and myself have given away one of the musical noodlings to have come out of our collaborative Control Circus project.

Featuring the voices of the eleventh Doctor and his companions Amy and Rory, this is a grimey, synth laden, skippy breaks number and can be downloaded free from our Thank Phat blog. While you're there, why not help yourself to some of our weekly podcasts? They're free too.

Soundcloud Music

I'm preparing some of the music I've made for a mass upload to Soundcloud in the near future. Until then I invite you to check out this remix of Bush Weed by Lee Perry and the Upsetters that I made a few years ago.


Damn RightDamn Right is the musical outlet of DJ and multimedia artist Damien Tuite.

Known for infusing modern breakbeat grooves with the sounds of dub, hiphop, jungle and rave. He is now incorporating the latest technologies to produce visual elements alongside his musical creations.

Performing for over a decade, he currently co-hosts 'Thank Phat it's Friday' on NSB Radio and continues to seek out friendly party people around the world.

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